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Heads - Squash and Stretch

Advanced Animation By Preston Blair pg. 3
Back with consistent imitations.
This time, you will notice the page is mainly focused on squash and stretch principles, which also means that the structure will considerably change whether you want things too look one way or the other. Your imagination will be key to visualize what gives the proper state . Squashes and what stretches, naturally, is nothing a flat sheet of paper could ever afford yet this method will trick the eye of any viewer if you can give yourself the proper time and practice.

I did not want to take forever going back with all these new drawings for I decided to put whatever handy now. In other words forgive me for the roughest sketches that you will find below. I promise you to come back in my next post with more defined drawings concentrated on squash and stretch principles -plus individual development using my own characters.

So that was it.

Heads - Complex/Skeleton

Advanced Animation By Preston Blair (pg.2)

Okay, so here we are again, Folks!. This time we can finally turn to the NEXT page. Page 2, which is focused mainly in a higher level construction due to the combination of spheres and rounded shapes of similar sorts.

Above is my attempt focusing in skeleton structure ONLY. I recommend you to do so. Do not just draw all at once. Having a well planned skeleton you will have, then, the ability to draw them FASTER and more accurate as well.

And these are not the previous skeletons! Instead NEW drawings in order to reach more quality.

Heads - Basic

Well, again with page 1...the journey seems to never end.

These are my last drawings from pg. 1. I promise!

What you see above are some rough results practicing different versions from drawings that belong to Preston Blair ("Avanced Animation" pg.1 "construction of the head")

There is this little sketch I have handy right now. I will surely update this post whenever I have more heads available on-line OR I would just make a new post, right?.

Learn to Learn HOW - Part 4

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
Construction of Illusion

The Beauty of Knowing WHAT you ARE... doing!

Well, here comes a step I have never heard of. In order to understand more the process of drawing without going too abstract, I like to call this "Construction of the Illusion" you don't need to call this that way, neither you have to agree with me. In either case, I believe there is a time when you find out there is more than just LINES, and that is what I call the ILLUSION, and in order to see such thing happening you got to face some step on the way.

Maybe I am going TOO SLOW..or too over explaining things that dont need to be explained.

Please someone correct if such things is true.

Heads - My own Results

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
my own results

I have been posting "Learn to Learn HOW" and I covered parts 1,2,3, and 4. There will be more to come because all these steps only cover the FIRST page from "Advanced Animation" Written by Preston Blair.

While not covering the whole book, and knowing that there is still a lot to be done, that is mainly one of my goals.

Allow me this opportunity, in the meantime, to show you some of my personal results using my own characters.
Like I said, this is my own experience. These are NOT the best examples but these are MINE. Hopefully you'll find better examples or maybe your own. Yes, your own, these should mean the best to YOU.

Learn to Learn HOW - Part 3

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
Head Structure

Now, just now we can THINK about head structure. I am assuming that you went through previous steps before even THINKING about head structure or anything further.
So after taking the proper dedication to PROPORTION, SPHERE CONCEPT, then we can be ready to be in part 3. If you think you have not succeed, then go back. The MORE you try to prepare the more ready you will be.

Guess what. I am the one who would just stop and go and try some complex heads, but you don't want to be as fool as I was before REALIZING that too late. Save yourself some time.

So, the head. Outlines are intentional and you will need them to guide you through. You want to start with what you KNOW which means you can now try some EGG Heads or SPHERE eggs only. That is why you still want to keep things simple.

So here are some of my attempts imitating Blair's.

Learn to Learn HOW - Part 2

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!

Once you have visualized a sphere well enough, you will not mind trying any other dimension, such as the typical egg shape. This one is key to know because is the most basic shape to apply variation of width and height, unlike the sphere is all the same!
My attempts are not THE BEST, and I am not any kind of mathematician mind out there to make you feel inferior. Indeed, being the expert I am NOT, should encourage you MORE to practice just LIKE I DID.

Eventually you will find comfortable with spheres, eggs, and that would be enough challenging to keep you busy for a while.

Next step is putting some life in that abstract figure, but well that just covers a new part. I am trying to keep it easy and slow in parts so there is not too much information.

Think this: "While going SLOW it will make you THINK FASTER"

Learn to Learn HOW - Part 1

TheBeautyof KNOWING what you ARE doing.

Yes I know, folks! These drawings may seem quite familiar to you. What you see above is an excerpt from Preston Blair's Book "Advanced Animation". With that said, what you will see next are my attempts practicing ONLY with that page.

The book is highly recommended. Furthermore, (what most people forget to say) I highly recommend you to USE it, too. If you want your life to make sense at some point you know what to do. Either that or come up with a better book to surprise the world.

First Attempts finding proportion -

Note : You'll realize there are several drawings of the same thing. Believe me, THAT is the POINT.
I was about to commit the great mistake of just showing ONE example out of all my trials, but then where is the point?

Eureka! ---Now, THAT is surprisingly proportional (just in case you can't read my drawing)
Which means your brain finally knows how to draw a figure exact enough to draw it again and again an…


The following characters belong to their respective scripts, and were picked randomly.

For so long I've been faking around, here but not really tHere, tHere but not really There..and the list goes on and on.
Okay, so time to care, right? give the proper if not immediate attention to this. it is time to spew awareness of my existence. ..and blogger MIGHT be very effective.

To start out easily , let me introduce some characters, which is what I've been doing mostly these days.


- Here it is: Twincler! If you are wondering what's on my mind, think about Twincler. He will be in some clip animation. I'll talk about that later on. It's shape looks quite simple although, don't let that mislead you; I am having a real hard time working its feet. Hopefully I will get back with samples to show you what I mean.


On the other side, on a long distant remote land.. here is Scarkruel. This dude is allergic to cotton, and most of the time you'll find him com…