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Puppetix - Poses

m_) I keep studying Puppetix as a character and this time I focused mainly on his poses applying not just the expressions in his head but the entire composition. This is so far what I have gotten by tracing different sketches I have done over time.

m_) Basically a big compilation to keep in order.

Heads - Puppetix/Emotions

m_) The picture below shows all the heads I need to make proper lip sync for my character Puppetix. After several sketches, these are the final heads to use in the animation.

m_) And here you see more heads from the same character but, unlike the previous ones, here the goal was to show emotions. I tried to combine as many emotions as possible, and I used several references (i.e Tom and Jerry, and others)I am willin to make more later, but so far these are some results. Keep in mind that some emotions/faces may not apply the character's personality. It was, however, worth exercising for both educational purposes and proving the many possibilities the character has.

m_)NEXT: Sames faces but now digitally made/traced onto Flash.

m))) It has been a while and I am very glad I got all this done-at last!