Heads - Complex/Skeleton

Advanced Animation By Preston Blair (pg.2)

Okay, so here we are again, Folks!. This time we can finally turn to the NEXT page. Page 2, which is focused mainly in a higher level construction due to the combination of spheres and rounded shapes of similar sorts.

Above is my attempt focusing in skeleton structure ONLY. I recommend you to do so. Do not just draw all at once. Having a well planned skeleton you will have, then, the ability to draw them FASTER and more accurate as well.

And these are not the previous skeletons! Instead NEW drawings in order to reach more quality.


  1. Great practice runs man. These are turning out terrific.

  2. great fookin' practices. They look like photocopies from the worksheet.

  3. Yowza!!!! I thought these were drawings straight from the Blair book... took me a minute to realize you had done them. Totally professional looking!!

  4. hey your coming along well,since I saw your first attempts on Animationforum.

    Keep this up.

  5. Thanks to you all, for commenting! --- I assure you this will be a subject to be updated no matter what. At this point, however, I am noticing that just showing imitations may not be as effective. Some individual development should reinforce the practice. Or maybe it's just me tha constant imitations are not taking me anywhere.
    In either case I will come up with more variation.

    More of my own characters using Preston's Methodology.

    So expect to see more than mere imitations far from being exact and as accurate.

    Again, thanks for your time coming here and bothering to leave me a sign.

  6. ah yes, the wolf-e character. Really greatly done. And a very interesting learning curve ! And quite a range of emotional expressions here - and this on different characters... congrats to this again.

    And good advice about the skeletal structure - can this be translated as basic shape or silhouette ?


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