Learn to Learn HOW - Part 3

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
Head Structure

Now, just now we can THINK about head structure. I am assuming that you went through previous steps before even THINKING about head structure or anything further.
So after taking the proper dedication to PROPORTION, SPHERE CONCEPT, then we can be ready to be in part 3. If you think you have not succeed, then go back. The MORE you try to prepare the more ready you will be.

Guess what. I am the one who would just stop and go and try some complex heads, but you don't want to be as fool as I was before REALIZING that too late. Save yourself some time.

So, the head. Outlines are intentional and you will need them to guide you through. You want to start with what you KNOW which means you can now try some EGG Heads or SPHERE eggs only. That is why you still want to keep things simple.

So here are some of my attempts imitating Blair's.


  1. I didn't know you were a 2D guy! Thanks! This will help a lot. I've been kind of forcing myself to draw just enough to make storyboards. My drawings are crap, but it's the timing I'm mostly interested in. It would be nice if I had a more solid understanding of how to draw, though. These are great examples.

  2. and already going into the "stretch'n'squash" area - yowza ! You seem to be a fast learner, because this sketches look somehow traced, but the lines around them then speak another language.... congrats !


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