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Yes, just as the title clearly stated, with my armature ball-and-socket already built up and ready to go, 2012 can only get better for it.

Ending 2011 : Outcome

Hello everyone, and excuse my non-sequential-on-line/step-by-step nano-under-current super-duper paranorman-events of Dan Metalmadcat, so to speak. O boy, such a mouthful intro, and definitely not the ideal way to start out your business.

Long, long while ever since showing some signs. Still in the "On-Hold" Era of my life and not really worth enjoyable but part of life -yet at the end of it, really. Starting 2012 all will take more shape and sound... and I can happily state that is matter of time that it will be it. If 2011 was, in terms of art, slowly in the eyes of an artist, then 2012 will be just the opposite, and I will take care of it so that there will be no exception, and or any unexpecting reason to avoid what I am convinced of doing in 2012, no matter what.
Yes, those who know me well know I am an "either or" kind of person, because that is just me. There is no time for an in-between in my life, and if I disappoint any, oh well!

I suppose none of us can…