Learn to Learn HOW - Part 2

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!

Once you have visualized a sphere well enough, you will not mind trying any other dimension, such as the typical egg shape. This one is key to know because is the most basic shape to apply variation of width and height, unlike the sphere is all the same!
My attempts are not THE BEST, and I am not any kind of mathematician mind out there to make you feel inferior. Indeed, being the expert I am NOT, should encourage you MORE to practice just LIKE I DID.

Eventually you will find comfortable with spheres, eggs, and that would be enough challenging to keep you busy for a while.

Next step is putting some life in that abstract figure, but well that just covers a new part. I am trying to keep it easy and slow in parts so there is not too much information.

Think this: "While going SLOW it will make you THINK FASTER"


  1. do I spot the basic 'line of action' as the axis among all other parts are placed on the faces ?

    A beautiful exercise comes into my mind, drawn (no pun inteded) from the sketches: combining the sphere shape with the dottet and full lines to define the axis and this way giving the illusion that the sphere is somehow rolling. Or that another sphere grows from one sphere by shrinking or growing... whole lotta fun rolling along - thanks for the impulse !


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