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Hearing the Hermitage Heart

(version 3)

Wake-less ways await
Master of crookedness lay in the pond of distortion
Perpetual stability to convey with horror
and in this neverending despair
he will scream reclusive again to fulfill the void

Isolated, outcast, cast aside
All that hatred inside;Prepare the stage:
Suicide's state
Left in the desert dealing with void
disorientated disconnected shatered heart
Unnmoved wild-waves of deep despair
No more longingsNo means for belongings
No thought to live
Far from love
So soon to fall
Dreams! alarm refused to be obtained
And all you think of
Exclussion: to any match you detach
Perish days! Perish nights!
Arrogance captures and prevail,
survival is not but succumb
Walls well built upon your hopes
War powerfully inside upon your peace of mind
Unrefuged-minded capable to undefined any ending
but the basis of endless lost
betray its own beat
dancing torment
undesirable chamber
only suitable to owner
Shut in

(Version 1.0)

Wake-less ways
Master of crookedness
Perpetual stability
Isolated, outcast, cas…