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Preparation: Little by Little


Month of May is running out and I try not to let it go so FAST! Even though there was no animating process on it, it was a succesfull month, in terms of preparation. Here is so far how the humble place of the event looks like.

Last couple weeks I focused on finding material for the film. College and Work take a big part of my time, but stop motion takes most (if not all) part in my mind. For this I can guarantee a constant proces of making my film. While heading work, every time I take the train I get free newspapers. If you do that often you can get plenty amount at no cost! Some people even throw it away -that wouldnt be me, though, I am collecting for set design purposes, of course. I take that habit early in the morning, every time a cereal box is over, I make sure to keep the carton box. Recycling is good!

On the other hand, my savings helped a lot this month with the possibility of a nice Black and Decker equipment. At a good deal, I was able to purchase this beautiful…