Heads - My own Results

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
my own results

I have been posting "Learn to Learn HOW" and I covered parts 1,2,3, and 4. There will be more to come because all these steps only cover the FIRST page from "Advanced Animation" Written by Preston Blair.

While not covering the whole book, and knowing that there is still a lot to be done, that is mainly one of my goals.

Allow me this opportunity, in the meantime, to show you some of my personal results using my own characters.
Like I said, this is my own experience. These are NOT the best examples but these are MINE. Hopefully you'll find better examples or maybe your own. Yes, your own, these should mean the best to YOU.


  1. and here we have it again - the MetalMadcat style ! Tadaaaa !!!

    I especially like the Billy Boy page character - which shows a lot of possible facial expressions in just a few sketches. The Bear is also great ! Oh, and then there are the pumpkins - really well done... my admiration (as always).


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