The following characters belong to their respective scripts, and were picked randomly.

For so long I've been faking around, here but not really tHere, tHere but not really There..and the list goes on and on.
Okay, so time to care, right? give the proper if not immediate attention to this. it is time to spew awareness of my existence. ..and blogger MIGHT be very effective.

To start out easily , let me introduce some characters, which is what I've been doing mostly these days.


- Here it is: Twincler! If you are wondering what's on my mind, think about Twincler. He will be in some clip animation. I'll talk about that later on. It's shape looks quite simple although, don't let that mislead you; I am having a real hard time working its feet. Hopefully I will get back with samples to show you what I mean.


On the other side, on a long distant remote land.. here is Scarkruel. This dude is allergic to cotton, and most of the time you'll find him complaining, even when no one is around [weeeird!!] Now, believe it or not, temper and as hard case as he is, there are some good jokes out of its pockets for all to hear.

Berry the Bear conclude this post, last character but not the least. Yes, that is berry, as insignificant as he is..the script where he belongs is HUGE!!

Never mind!! Here are some more from the same script:

And that is all for now folks!


  1. Awesome! Your character sketches are top notch! Seriously, you could work for disney or something.

    Glad you're catching on to this blog thINKg.

  2. really great sketches - well done !

    I don't know if it is just because of the pencil drawings, but Twincler got the most dynamic stance and pose. In comparison with the computer drawn ones... ah, what the heck: the last ones are very well executed for proportional studies and as sketches for adjusting armatures, and the first sketch is like a photo, a film still: what it will look like if one of them really moves.

    All in all: I really enjoy reading all the posts here. Very inspiring and motivating !


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