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Aftermath of 2-weeks going here and tHERe...

Hi. It´s me again.

Well, as far as animating goes, I couldn´t do much the past weekend. And as I described in a previous post I was quite excited re-exploring the journey it takes building up a ball and socket structure. It did however came to an end and will remain ´stand-by´for some time. I do want to continue on making animation and I am glad for my return, and will possibly continue with clay and wire armatures.

September is almost over, thankfully. Crazy month. Crazy transitions. Crazy changes. Weather, people coming and going. ..and I went sick for the most part.  I am ok now. Oh and by the way, if you happen to be among my contacts from my FB account, and suddenly you don´t ¨see¨me there. Nothing personal. I simply decided focusing my online-appearance here rather than anywhere else. So far no regrets. Which means, I will continue ongoing writings of my animation learning curve from here. Just so you all know. For the records.

Thanks for reading.

_) MMC

Meanwhile.... (Ball and Socket Journey Begun!)


Among things happening these days, not only John Hankins was a big and awesome surprise, but also I was invited to attend at a local stop motion studio called ¨Tamandua¨ which is about two hours from where I live. For those interested, more about them can be seen at;  they´ve done some impressive works in the past years. At the moment they are focusing on a short film that includes lots of puppets, and I offered myself to be part on the puppet department. There I met a very brilliant guy from whom now I became his apprentice and gave me access to some tools to work and design ball and socket armatures. So yes, that means I am once again eploring this journey long forgotten and left in the past by lack of material, lack of motivation after several frustrations (too many to mention), lack of proper place to use equipment and all. This time will be different though, and I am super excited to come up with some serious results. I did my very first a…

¨Getting myself rolling¨

¨Artist Create some crap, then they create something else¨

It is not an easy task for me to understand this line. sometimes. Right some times. Alright almost at all times.

Anywho, I could only come up with this animation. It is a ¨3000¨ made out of clay as intended to thank my 3thousand members at SMIC Facebook Group.

Of course it sucks, but nothing can be worse than never doing anything at all, so let´s say hi to my re-appearing animating age and keep moving on.
And that is all I have to share so far this week. Busy weekend indeed...

The experiment as of this week:


Just as the title says. I been already playing with clay. It was fun! -and still performing what kind of animation will be displayed on my youtube channel as its ¨premiere¨ this year. Basically not really a premiere but just a return into animation after all the hiatus.  I am currently equiped with a Logitech camera in 720p, lamps on left and right angles with white light, plus that carton board to create some clean background. I will be using sculpey III and I have nothing in mind yet. So far only experimenting movement itself and practicing to come back with the skill and the medium. 
 Probably best thing to do is practicing the 12 principles, although I can´t avoid being so anxious and mess around thinking big on what would be NEXT on my new chapter with animation. 
Will be posting muse keeps developing and evolving. Am also excited about returning to my dear blog. It feels good to be back on here. 
Hope everyone is doing alright.

m_) Metalmadcat

Hankins Package Afterwards

ONTO A NOT-SO-EPIC JOURNEY THAT LEADS TO EPIC JOURNEY  Past Friday returning from work, after a long afternoon in a waiting line, standing impatient, somebody called my name and I could finally pick up my package from dear Friend John Hankins (Castlegardener) who delivered it about 5 months ago from today. I never imagined it would take this long, and I had already gave up any hope they would give it to me. 


30 Ft. of Alumminum Wire
1 Plier
14 Pieces of Clay
2 Undrewrap Rolls
3 Pairs of Puppet Feet (Already built-in with tie-downs and all)
1 Puppet Monster Creature made by John Hankins Himself.
1 Sketchbook 4x6 Inches
1 Pencil
Some Sheets

 John had warned me about times with shipping. But time kept passing by and I had not even news nor any notification from post office department regarding a package for me. I did try remaining as patient as possible but then a second month went on and I was already upset and frustrated. 
But it took that long and that was just the beginning..of a rathe…