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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aftermath of 2-weeks going here and tHERe...

Hi. It´s me again.

Well, as far as animating goes, I couldn´t do much the past weekend. And as I described in a previous post I was quite excited re-exploring the journey it takes building up a ball and socket structure. It did however came to an end and will remain ´stand-by´for some time. I do want to continue on making animation and I am glad for my return, and will possibly continue with clay and wire armatures.

September is almost over, thankfully. Crazy month. Crazy transitions. Crazy changes. Weather, people coming and going. ..and I went sick for the most part.  I am ok now. Oh and by the way, if you happen to be among my contacts from my FB account, and suddenly you don´t ¨see¨me there. Nothing personal. I simply decided focusing my online-appearance here rather than anywhere else. So far no regrets. Which means, I will continue ongoing writings of my animation learning curve from here. Just so you all know. For the records.

Thanks for reading.

_) MMC

Monday, September 19, 2016

Meanwhile.... (Ball and Socket Journey Begun!)


Among things happening these days, not only John Hankins was a big and awesome surprise, but also I was invited to attend at a local stop motion studio called ¨Tamandua¨ which is about two hours from where I live. For those interested, more about them can be seen at;  they´ve done some impressive works in the past years. At the moment they are focusing on a short film that includes lots of puppets, and I offered myself to be part on the puppet department. There I met a very brilliant guy from whom now I became his apprentice and gave me access to some tools to work and design ball and socket armatures. So yes, that means I am once again eploring this journey long forgotten and left in the past by lack of material, lack of motivation after several frustrations (too many to mention), lack of proper place to use equipment and all. This time will be different though, and I am super excited to come up with some serious results. I did my very first attempts last week. And the picture shows my first well-soldering process with a rod attached to a bronze ball. That means twice a week I have free access to learn all about metals and joints. Will be posting about my journey as much as my clay exercises.

Thanks for reading and see you around.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

¨Getting myself rolling¨

¨Artist Create some crap, then they create something else¨

It is not an easy task for me to understand this line. sometimes. Right some times. Alright almost at all times.

Anywho, I could only come up with this animation. It is a ¨3000¨ made out of clay as intended to thank my 3thousand members at SMIC Facebook Group.

Of course it sucks, but nothing can be worse than never doing anything at all, so let´s say hi to my re-appearing animating age and keep moving on.
And that is all I have to share so far this week. Busy weekend indeed...

The experiment as of this week:

Sunday, September 11, 2016



Just as the title says. I been already playing with clay. It was fun! -and still performing what kind of animation will be displayed on my youtube channel as its ¨premiere¨ this year. Basically not really a premiere but just a return into animation after all the hiatus. 
I am currently equiped with a Logitech camera in 720p, lamps on left and right angles with white light, plus that carton board to create some clean background. I will be using sculpey III and I have nothing in mind yet. So far only experimenting movement itself and practicing to come back with the skill and the medium. 

 Probably best thing to do is practicing the 12 principles, although I can´t avoid being so anxious and mess around thinking big on what would be NEXT on my new chapter with animation. 
Will be posting muse keeps developing and evolving. Am also excited about returning to my dear blog. It feels good to be back on here. 

Hope everyone is doing alright.

m_) Metalmadcat

Hankins Package Afterwards


Past Friday returning from work, after a long afternoon in a waiting line, standing impatient, somebody called my name and I could finally pick up my package from dear Friend John Hankins (Castlegardener) who delivered it about 5 months ago from today. I never imagined it would take this long, and I had already gave up any hope they would give it to me. 


30 Ft. of Alumminum Wire
1 Plier
14 Pieces of Clay
2 Undrewrap Rolls
3 Pairs of Puppet Feet (Already built-in with tie-downs and all)
1 Puppet Monster Creature made by John Hankins Himself.
1 Sketchbook 4x6 Inches
1 Pencil
Some Sheets

 John had warned me about times with shipping. But time kept passing by and I had not even news nor any notification from post office department regarding a package for me. I did try remaining as patient as possible but then a second month went on and I was already upset and frustrated. 

But it took that long and that was just the beginning..of a rather longer journey.

Just by the time I was no longer waiting for anything, Central Post Office notified me that I had to pick up a ¨Telegram¨. Just to get that damn paper was an issue, given that during the hours the post office is open I am working, and I am even far from it. Did logically skip work but then something more annoying had happened. To my surprise, as if things couldn´t get any more complicated, I found out the name on the shipping did not have my name on it. Some idiot put the intersection street name as ¨ my name¨ and for such inconvenient I had to certified my signature some other place away from work and from home (which was definitely thinking again another time to skip work or do something about some time soon) - What annoyed me the most was the fact that it was their mistake and I had to go on crazy arrangements to sort things out because of their fault. They would not be authorized to give me the telegram, lesser anything that telegram says about giving me a package. Crazy enough I had to find the ways to go to Custom Department office, declared myself and certified my signature. And that translated means stayed about two hours standing to get whole thing done. Needles to say, being among the very last people is more likely to be ignored and or been told ¨come back tomorrow¨ as if that could be so simple for me to understand. Indeed I went several times, and weeks 
went by and as more time would go, the more I had to pay to receive it. In the end they understood I was nobody´s intersection name, but an actual human being waiting eagerly to receive a package,
paid what I had to paid, and there I was in front of the package, shocked and glad I made it.

As for the weekend: Unpackaged everything and thought about different things that could animate. First I went basic with clay and tested on dragonframe. It works great. But I am curious also about the puppet monster creature, and Halloween is coming. He definitely needs to go on a halloween film, and I have some time to come up with something before that date! 


_) Metalmadcat

Monday, August 20, 2012

Escaping from Facebook

Just what the title says.
Too much going on there is driving me insane.

Hope everyone is doing alright.

-Dan Metalmadcat

Friday, February 24, 2012


I am so grateful with time which allows me to write a new post in this blog, my journey.

Hello everyone!

The armature, as you already know, is finished; the main structure, per se, is completed. Though there are tasks that need to be considered such as a pair of proper hands, long feet, and head. It is not that it can not be animated, it did pass the test! AND -If I had more time in my hands- I would have animated up to this point, just to see how it works. But, at the moment, I am mainly focusing on design of the skeleton.

As if there was little to talk for today: Perhapps you were waiting to see some animation. That is how I ended up playing with coins and created a mini-on-the-go animation named as ¨Coiniketry¨roughly done and I applied as many physic laws as possible. Gravity is great.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Yes, just as the title clearly stated, with my armature ball-and-socket already built up and ready to go, 2012 can only get better for it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ending 2011 : Outcome

Hello everyone, and excuse my non-sequential-on-line/step-by-step nano-under-current super-duper paranorman-events of Dan Metalmadcat, so to speak. O boy, such a mouthful intro, and definitely not the ideal way to start out your business.

Long, long while ever since showing some signs. Still in the "On-Hold" Era of my life and not really worth enjoyable but part of life -yet at the end of it, really. Starting 2012 all will take more shape and sound... and I can happily state that is matter of time that it will be it. If 2011 was, in terms of art, slowly in the eyes of an artist, then 2012 will be just the opposite, and I will take care of it so that there will be no exception, and or any unexpecting reason to avoid what I am convinced of doing in 2012, no matter what.
Yes, those who know me well know I am an "either or" kind of person, because that is just me. There is no time for an in-between in my life, and if I disappoint any, oh well!

I suppose none of us can keep track of their own lives completely, covering every single period. That'd be simply fascinating and magic all at once. When it comes to keep a record of that unique situation, all best opportunities are running out, suddenly your camera is not there, or just missed that train to let you be on time, or have you diary handy to remember enough of what happened....

So either or, thing is I am still alive, as dreamer as I could never be, and motivation is always there no matter what. What a pleasure to say that as the year is over, by knowing hasn't take me ALL over. Time goes on but has not taken the best of me, my energy, my hopes, and my will to stand up with my speech. 2011 taught me enough to keep myself silent, quiet, surprised by self-ignorance to discover new ways or simply to realize there are, always. Plenty of lessons. Alright, then, so what's next?

All in all with no regrets, I remain: Calm, prepared. Oh new year, I wait for you.

I find valuable my learning curve, especially in animation, stop motion, and basically in any sort of lineal development of life. Whether this blog covers all learning experiences, or one of them, that you go and figure! By the way, not just because I am writing, but the fact I am putting the enough value at the right place (at the one I believe it is)-just in time, is what lets me write in such a fashion some may reject, other find harm, and or boring, but to me? To me, dear friends of life, to me this is the best way to find freedom in all its magnitude that you have no idea how I feel. Basically.

So what has Dan Metalmadcat been up to these days? Can you tell?

What you should know, first of all: I am ok, though, and I have been missing you all. Some followers just to keep following their brilliant works, and ideas, and initiative, and vision, ...aand others to just share mine hoping it can be worth appreciated one day :)

Now, given the year is coming to its last days, and the fact that this is my day off and it may be ending soon.. I find convenient to sum up my year in the following lines and possibly last lines of this post. Besides, there is no much to share as videos yet, so here we go with some optimism. Self-evaluation always help and lets you find what is valuable. So, what was valuable in this year full of unexpected events? Did I make any goal, did I complete any?



Buy my own supplies : Drill Machine, Drill, Bolts, Self-made table, more bolts, wires, and many other equipments that set up the studio that keeps growing.

Buy my own CANON EOS REBEL T3: Simply speechless about this acquisition which I have still not used ever since was shipped. I need to get the battery and I am researching on how to get it back. It will be home with me by january, no big deal.

Design my own ball-and-socket armature: Its finished, and it has been animated, even though it was for a minimal amount of frames.

Meet up some Artist: Guillermo Matias Galli is probably the most remarkable of all, and so far a great master in the art of stop motion, whom I am learning a lot from. Curiously enough, an sculptor has found through the animation community to inform me about her sculpting classes somewhere close where I live, but it may not count because I am taking classes with her next year.

And I think there is more but little time to keep listing facts. But that is how I end this post for now.

As a Bonus, a picture of my little budy prototype. Lacking an arm, but still saying hi to you all from Argentina.

You all take care, my dear followers, I never forget how important you are, but most important, always remember how important art is.

-Dan Metalmadcat

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preparation: Little by Little


Month of May is running out and I try not to let it go so FAST! Even though there was no animating process on it, it was a succesfull month, in terms of preparation. Here is so far how the humble place of the event looks like.

Last couple weeks I focused on finding material for the film. College and Work take a big part of my time, but stop motion takes most (if not all) part in my mind. For this I can guarantee a constant proces of making my film. While heading work, every time I take the train I get free newspapers. If you do that often you can get plenty amount at no cost! Some people even throw it away -that wouldnt be me, though, I am collecting for set design purposes, of course. I take that habit early in the morning, every time a cereal box is over, I make sure to keep the carton box. Recycling is good!

On the other hand, my savings helped a lot this month with the possibility of a nice Black and Decker equipment. At a good deal, I was able to purchase this beautiful toy and will teach me how to play using copper material. I will not stop playing til get my ball and socket armature made.

The picture you see below is a friend who took his time building it to show me how it can be made. It is half way done, the rest will be up to me. Learning is a great motivation in life. Learning and specializing even more, I believe. For this I am willing to learn the pro way of making ball and socket armatures.

And yes, time for DRAWING. Metalmadcat new face is taking shape, with baby steps but steps anyway.

All in all a very rough month of savings, absorved with work, and a bit dispersed with college (you can easily get distracted in College, trust me) but a great happy with my purchase Black & Deckker Drill Press. Prepared for MORE!

We´ll see what next month brings. Thanks for reading, see you all next time, folks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A NEED for a deadline

As I keep polishing PUPPET STRUGGLES 8 I was thinking it has to HAVE a deadline before I keep working on it. Unlike previous "struggles" I am trying not to commit that mistake of having all done no matter what, just to get it done. I definitely do not want to regret to all things that could have been made and blablabla. I am doing my best effort to stop blaming the past, since I know most of what used to make me regret was simply the fact of not being able to do anything otherwise. Second life (lets call previous years second life from now on) back THEN was quite uncertain You know, relying on so many factors, that rely on others that take you to other, and this other one could just let you go ahead on whichever thing...

Well, now is all different.

The studio (my room) is there for me, and no one will touch it, no one will move it, and the time to work on details is certainly available. Maybe with less supplies but with access to get it (with savings every month)

Now, the question is: when could be a good time to set up a deadline? Normally would say> lets have it done to the end of this month. On the other hand I may need a bit more than a month to cover up the actual IDEA I have in mind. This is a serious struggle, think that its been years since our fellow armature has gone wandering aimlessly without much purpose.

Before I forget: Let me remind you all how delightful comments from previous POST when I found some familiar FACES (ha!) and one just not so familiar but hey dude, you ROCK! Welcome to the universe of stopmo. Glad to have you around, seriously.

Dan Metalmadcat.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Retrospective and Hopes

Retrospective of Metalmadcat

Back in 2010, early in february I was determined to come up with a film. After several attempts in 2009 making experiments, the idea was to create what would be my first short. With the unconditional help from online animators (such as John Hankins, Brian Prosser, Nick Hilligoss, Ron Cole, Marc Spess, Stryder, and some more) I was fed up with knowledge regarding animation and the beauty of film-making. Despite of all the inner-circumstances (personal life) something could be done, and "No Time to Lose" was created. My first decent buildup puppet was shown there, it was a hare puppet based on the march hare of Lewis Caroll. The theme was abstract, risky, and made during rushing-hours...Luckily I was on time to submit it at a local fest (Clifton Film Fest 2010) and the film itself received some great feedback. While things seemed to be working just fine, circumstances were more and more complicated for me. During the rest of 2010 my online presence was almost vanished from all communities I used to be on. It was hard to see me walking away from all the places that I once enjoyed networking with, sharing and learning. The legacy from all online communities was priceless to me, and I knew I was making a big mistake by leaving all behind. But there was no choice.

2010 came along with a big rollercoaster of events. Nevertheless, my attempts trying to come back were always made. All projects in mind were just mere sketches that I expected to have as some sort of records-references to let me come back to it with the right time and patience. It did frustate me to see all so uncertain and I had little hopes that things could change for good. Back then I was living in the US. Before 2010 was over I moved back to my home country, Argentina. I had not the words, not the time or simply unable to share what went through. This is how I decided to put on hold any Metalmadcat project (among them, the Unusual Union Re-make, monthly challenges at the stopmo community, and my most ambitious script: Fearoxity) - I did so, with hopes that things would get better.

The urge for the arts were more than crucial. But as soon as I arrived, the transition getting used all the new-old-new country was HUGE. After years being away from my own country I simply felt like another immigrant there, and still. The adjustment was a big shock and I could not think of making art any time soon. Instead I was just doing the normal life trying to make a living with whatever available. Again starting all over, from zero, looking for a job, a place, time, and maybe some friends to take away my sorrow.

2011 started with another air in Buenos Aires. Willing to come back and stay, I d´like to conclude this post saying that things are getting worked out. No longer unemployed, some more time than previous years, support, and space for my own humble-home-made studio. Still a lot needs to be made, and this is just an entire new chapter. Thankfully I can rely on some inviduals that have proved me to be worth to have around. I can count with them, and I still have my passion to keep me going. Currently finishing a stop mo video (quick just to start out and give some signs) ¨Puppet Struggles¨: Episode 8. (new struggle needs to be told) Regardless of all my losses, motivation has always remained. For this I am glad, and Thank you all for those who stick to my art in the same way. You are all an amazing audience and mean so much to me.


Dan Metalmadcat.

note: After about a year away without the possibility to animate as I wish, lets move on!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Puppetix - Poses

m_) I keep studying Puppetix as a character and this time I focused mainly on his poses applying not just the expressions in his head but the entire composition. This is so far what I have gotten by tracing different sketches I have done over time.

m_) Basically a big compilation to keep in order.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heads - Puppetix/Emotions

m_) The picture below shows all the heads I need to make proper lip sync for my character Puppetix. After several sketches, these are the final heads to use in the animation.

m_) And here you see more heads from the same character but, unlike the previous ones, here the goal was to show emotions. I tried to combine as many emotions as possible, and I used several references (i.e Tom and Jerry, and others)I am willin to make more later, but so far these are some results. Keep in mind that some emotions/faces may not apply the character's personality. It was, however, worth exercising for both educational purposes and proving the many possibilities the character has.

m_)NEXT: Sames faces but now digitally made/traced onto Flash.

m))) It has been a while and I am very glad I got all this done-at last!