Learn to Learn HOW - Part 4

The Beauty of KNOWING what you ARE ... doing!
Construction of Illusion

The Beauty of Knowing WHAT you ARE... doing!

Well, here comes a step I have never heard of. In order to understand more the process of drawing without going too abstract, I like to call this "Construction of the Illusion" you don't need to call this that way, neither you have to agree with me. In either case, I believe there is a time when you find out there is more than just LINES, and that is what I call the ILLUSION, and in order to see such thing happening you got to face some step on the way.

Maybe I am going TOO SLOW..or too over explaining things that dont need to be explained.

Please someone correct if such things is true.


  1. printed letters define words by giving the good'ole light/dark contrast. Lines are separting shapes by the same reason. Was this what you meant ?

    An amazing curve - from the first page on this site to the last page. AMAZING ! The character on the last drawing is so filled with life, so much dynamics. Amazing stuff going on here


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