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Past Friday returning from work, after a long afternoon in a waiting line, standing impatient, somebody called my name and I could finally pick up my package from dear Friend John Hankins (Castlegardener) who delivered it about 5 months ago from today. I never imagined it would take this long, and I had already gave up any hope they would give it to me. 


30 Ft. of Alumminum Wire
1 Plier
14 Pieces of Clay
2 Undrewrap Rolls
3 Pairs of Puppet Feet (Already built-in with tie-downs and all)
1 Puppet Monster Creature made by John Hankins Himself.
1 Sketchbook 4x6 Inches
1 Pencil
Some Sheets

 John had warned me about times with shipping. But time kept passing by and I had not even news nor any notification from post office department regarding a package for me. I did try remaining as patient as possible but then a second month went on and I was already upset and frustrated. 

But it took that long and that was just the beginning..of a rather longer journey.

Just by the time I was no longer waiting for anything, Central Post Office notified me that I had to pick up a ¨Telegram¨. Just to get that damn paper was an issue, given that during the hours the post office is open I am working, and I am even far from it. Did logically skip work but then something more annoying had happened. To my surprise, as if things couldn´t get any more complicated, I found out the name on the shipping did not have my name on it. Some idiot put the intersection street name as ¨ my name¨ and for such inconvenient I had to certified my signature some other place away from work and from home (which was definitely thinking again another time to skip work or do something about some time soon) - What annoyed me the most was the fact that it was their mistake and I had to go on crazy arrangements to sort things out because of their fault. They would not be authorized to give me the telegram, lesser anything that telegram says about giving me a package. Crazy enough I had to find the ways to go to Custom Department office, declared myself and certified my signature. And that translated means stayed about two hours standing to get whole thing done. Needles to say, being among the very last people is more likely to be ignored and or been told ¨come back tomorrow¨ as if that could be so simple for me to understand. Indeed I went several times, and weeks 
went by and as more time would go, the more I had to pay to receive it. In the end they understood I was nobody´s intersection name, but an actual human being waiting eagerly to receive a package,
paid what I had to paid, and there I was in front of the package, shocked and glad I made it.

As for the weekend: Unpackaged everything and thought about different things that could animate. First I went basic with clay and tested on dragonframe. It works great. But I am curious also about the puppet monster creature, and Halloween is coming. He definitely needs to go on a halloween film, and I have some time to come up with something before that date! 


_) Metalmadcat


  1. so glad it made it, have some fun with it.

  2. deeply thankful with it John, and I can´t wait to show all the fun , I will keep you posted on it. Thank you again for the gift. you are the best!

  3. What an ordeal to get this treasure box of supplies! And I can understand completely how much they must mean to actually have! Enjoy every moment of creating!


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