Meanwhile.... (Ball and Socket Journey Begun!)


Among things happening these days, not only John Hankins was a big and awesome surprise, but also I was invited to attend at a local stop motion studio called ¨Tamandua¨ which is about two hours from where I live. For those interested, more about them can be seen at;  they´ve done some impressive works in the past years. At the moment they are focusing on a short film that includes lots of puppets, and I offered myself to be part on the puppet department. There I met a very brilliant guy from whom now I became his apprentice and gave me access to some tools to work and design ball and socket armatures. So yes, that means I am once again eploring this journey long forgotten and left in the past by lack of material, lack of motivation after several frustrations (too many to mention), lack of proper place to use equipment and all. This time will be different though, and I am super excited to come up with some serious results. I did my very first attempts last week. And the picture shows my first well-soldering process with a rod attached to a bronze ball. That means twice a week I have free access to learn all about metals and joints. Will be posting about my journey as much as my clay exercises.

Thanks for reading and see you around.



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