Puppetix - Poses

m_) I keep studying Puppetix as a character and this time I focused mainly on his poses applying not just the expressions in his head but the entire composition. This is so far what I have gotten by tracing different sketches I have done over time.

m_) Basically a big compilation to keep in order.


  1. (^should be able to make him out of wedges of cleaning sponges glued and sewn over shrink-wrapped wires. i really wish you lived here. it would be easier to show you what I mean.

  2. m_) Update: 7 new poses have been uploaded.

  3. Qué bueno que vas a lanzar tu primer cortometraje. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo!

  4. m_) Gracias amigo, muchas gracias.
    Pasate cuando desees.

  5. every little step you make... this all looks very very promising !

  6. Hola! que buenos trabajos! excelentes posturas y expresiones!
    Seguiré visitando tu blog!
    Un saludo


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