Learning from Preston Blair

I am going to try to use this as a path to submit my stuff and send it to ASSIFA, but I can't promise I will have the time to follow up all the way through.


  1. Ha! I had never heard of ASIFA until this year. Are you in Portland?

    It's kind of funny that it took me 15 years to know what ASIFA was, and here you are, in your first year, wanting to submit stuff to it. That's the difference the digital revolution has made in materials submissions. Knowledge is powar!

  2. (^ I think him having an avid teacher on his side is helping too.

    (^ say hello to your driver for me, ok?

    and learn everything you can about weight distribution while doing that job you start soon.

    think Rattatui. it's all good.

  3. Don: Hey there! I haven't heard of ASIFA since about a year or so, and even aware I have not yet submitted anything...which is so lame! So hopefully you will bother more than myself and tell me about it.

    Brian: Rattatui sure.."anyone can animate"

  4. you might also find this resource helpful: http://www.karmatoons.com/drawing/drawing.htm

    I found out for myself, that drawing (heh - no pun intended, but anyhow...) from different sources can be very confusing - or the best way to go; depending on the quality of the sources. And as always good balance is more than half of the game. Not getting stuck with too many books but instead focusing on one or two !

    All the best, man. You rock !

  5. m_) Yes Michael, Thanks for that Link. I've seen it before and it is a great source actually.

    And I agree with you about sources. THEY MUST be the right ones...or they can take you anywhere but ..home.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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