Just as the title says. I been already playing with clay. It was fun! -and still performing what kind of animation will be displayed on my youtube channel as its ¨premiere¨ this year. Basically not really a premiere but just a return into animation after all the hiatus. 
I am currently equiped with a Logitech camera in 720p, lamps on left and right angles with white light, plus that carton board to create some clean background. I will be using sculpey III and I have nothing in mind yet. So far only experimenting movement itself and practicing to come back with the skill and the medium. 

 Probably best thing to do is practicing the 12 principles, although I can´t avoid being so anxious and mess around thinking big on what would be NEXT on my new chapter with animation. 
Will be posting muse keeps developing and evolving. Am also excited about returning to my dear blog. It feels good to be back on here. 

Hope everyone is doing alright.

m_) Metalmadcat


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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHELLEY FOR YOUR replies. Read them both just now. indeed im hoping to get myself rolling...its not an easy step for me.


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