I am so grateful with time which allows me to write a new post in this blog, my journey.

Hello everyone!

The armature, as you already know, is finished; the main structure, per se, is completed. Though there are tasks that need to be considered such as a pair of proper hands, long feet, and head. It is not that it can not be animated, it did pass the test! AND -If I had more time in my hands- I would have animated up to this point, just to see how it works. But, at the moment, I am mainly focusing on design of the skeleton.

As if there was little to talk for today: Perhapps you were waiting to see some animation. That is how I ended up playing with coins and created a mini-on-the-go animation named as ¨Coiniketry¨roughly done and I applied as many physic laws as possible. Gravity is great.


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