Ending 2011 : Outcome

Hello everyone, and excuse my non-sequential-on-line/step-by-step nano-under-current super-duper paranorman-events of Dan Metalmadcat, so to speak. O boy, such a mouthful intro, and definitely not the ideal way to start out your business.

Long, long while ever since showing some signs. Still in the "On-Hold" Era of my life and not really worth enjoyable but part of life -yet at the end of it, really. Starting 2012 all will take more shape and sound... and I can happily state that is matter of time that it will be it. If 2011 was, in terms of art, slowly in the eyes of an artist, then 2012 will be just the opposite, and I will take care of it so that there will be no exception, and or any unexpecting reason to avoid what I am convinced of doing in 2012, no matter what.
Yes, those who know me well know I am an "either or" kind of person, because that is just me. There is no time for an in-between in my life, and if I disappoint any, oh well!

I suppose none of us can keep track of their own lives completely, covering every single period. That'd be simply fascinating and magic all at once. When it comes to keep a record of that unique situation, all best opportunities are running out, suddenly your camera is not there, or just missed that train to let you be on time, or have you diary handy to remember enough of what happened....

So either or, thing is I am still alive, as dreamer as I could never be, and motivation is always there no matter what. What a pleasure to say that as the year is over, by knowing hasn't take me ALL over. Time goes on but has not taken the best of me, my energy, my hopes, and my will to stand up with my speech. 2011 taught me enough to keep myself silent, quiet, surprised by self-ignorance to discover new ways or simply to realize there are, always. Plenty of lessons. Alright, then, so what's next?

All in all with no regrets, I remain: Calm, prepared. Oh new year, I wait for you.

I find valuable my learning curve, especially in animation, stop motion, and basically in any sort of lineal development of life. Whether this blog covers all learning experiences, or one of them, that you go and figure! By the way, not just because I am writing, but the fact I am putting the enough value at the right place (at the one I believe it is)-just in time, is what lets me write in such a fashion some may reject, other find harm, and or boring, but to me? To me, dear friends of life, to me this is the best way to find freedom in all its magnitude that you have no idea how I feel. Basically.

So what has Dan Metalmadcat been up to these days? Can you tell?

What you should know, first of all: I am ok, though, and I have been missing you all. Some followers just to keep following their brilliant works, and ideas, and initiative, and vision, ...aand others to just share mine hoping it can be worth appreciated one day :)

Now, given the year is coming to its last days, and the fact that this is my day off and it may be ending soon.. I find convenient to sum up my year in the following lines and possibly last lines of this post. Besides, there is no much to share as videos yet, so here we go with some optimism. Self-evaluation always help and lets you find what is valuable. So, what was valuable in this year full of unexpected events? Did I make any goal, did I complete any?



Buy my own supplies : Drill Machine, Drill, Bolts, Self-made table, more bolts, wires, and many other equipments that set up the studio that keeps growing.

Buy my own CANON EOS REBEL T3: Simply speechless about this acquisition which I have still not used ever since was shipped. I need to get the battery and I am researching on how to get it back. It will be home with me by january, no big deal.

Design my own ball-and-socket armature: Its finished, and it has been animated, even though it was for a minimal amount of frames.

Meet up some Artist: Guillermo Matias Galli is probably the most remarkable of all, and so far a great master in the art of stop motion, whom I am learning a lot from. Curiously enough, an sculptor has found through the animation community to inform me about her sculpting classes somewhere close where I live, but it may not count because I am taking classes with her next year.

And I think there is more but little time to keep listing facts. But that is how I end this post for now.

As a Bonus, a picture of my little budy prototype. Lacking an arm, but still saying hi to you all from Argentina.

You all take care, my dear followers, I never forget how important you are, but most important, always remember how important art is.

-Dan Metalmadcat


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