Preparation: Little by Little


Month of May is running out and I try not to let it go so FAST! Even though there was no animating process on it, it was a succesfull month, in terms of preparation. Here is so far how the humble place of the event looks like.

Last couple weeks I focused on finding material for the film. College and Work take a big part of my time, but stop motion takes most (if not all) part in my mind. For this I can guarantee a constant proces of making my film. While heading work, every time I take the train I get free newspapers. If you do that often you can get plenty amount at no cost! Some people even throw it away -that wouldnt be me, though, I am collecting for set design purposes, of course. I take that habit early in the morning, every time a cereal box is over, I make sure to keep the carton box. Recycling is good!

On the other hand, my savings helped a lot this month with the possibility of a nice Black and Decker equipment. At a good deal, I was able to purchase this beautiful toy and will teach me how to play using copper material. I will not stop playing til get my ball and socket armature made.

The picture you see below is a friend who took his time building it to show me how it can be made. It is half way done, the rest will be up to me. Learning is a great motivation in life. Learning and specializing even more, I believe. For this I am willing to learn the pro way of making ball and socket armatures.

And yes, time for DRAWING. Metalmadcat new face is taking shape, with baby steps but steps anyway.

All in all a very rough month of savings, absorved with work, and a bit dispersed with college (you can easily get distracted in College, trust me) but a great happy with my purchase Black & Deckker Drill Press. Prepared for MORE!

We´ll see what next month brings. Thanks for reading, see you all next time, folks!


  1. Great work, go get 'em. Little by little it adds up!

  2. Very nice! I'm liking the progress.

  3. De acuerdo con Guillermo.

    Very good work!

  4. WOW! What a toy!! and very cool sketch too.



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