Retrospective and Hopes

Retrospective of Metalmadcat

Back in 2010, early in february I was determined to come up with a film. After several attempts in 2009 making experiments, the idea was to create what would be my first short. With the unconditional help from online animators (such as John Hankins, Brian Prosser, Nick Hilligoss, Ron Cole, Marc Spess, Stryder, and some more) I was fed up with knowledge regarding animation and the beauty of film-making. Despite of all the inner-circumstances (personal life) something could be done, and "No Time to Lose" was created. My first decent buildup puppet was shown there, it was a hare puppet based on the march hare of Lewis Caroll. The theme was abstract, risky, and made during rushing-hours...Luckily I was on time to submit it at a local fest (Clifton Film Fest 2010) and the film itself received some great feedback. While things seemed to be working just fine, circumstances were more and more complicated for me. During the rest of 2010 my online presence was almost vanished from all communities I used to be on. It was hard to see me walking away from all the places that I once enjoyed networking with, sharing and learning. The legacy from all online communities was priceless to me, and I knew I was making a big mistake by leaving all behind. But there was no choice.

2010 came along with a big rollercoaster of events. Nevertheless, my attempts trying to come back were always made. All projects in mind were just mere sketches that I expected to have as some sort of records-references to let me come back to it with the right time and patience. It did frustate me to see all so uncertain and I had little hopes that things could change for good. Back then I was living in the US. Before 2010 was over I moved back to my home country, Argentina. I had not the words, not the time or simply unable to share what went through. This is how I decided to put on hold any Metalmadcat project (among them, the Unusual Union Re-make, monthly challenges at the stopmo community, and my most ambitious script: Fearoxity) - I did so, with hopes that things would get better.

The urge for the arts were more than crucial. But as soon as I arrived, the transition getting used all the new-old-new country was HUGE. After years being away from my own country I simply felt like another immigrant there, and still. The adjustment was a big shock and I could not think of making art any time soon. Instead I was just doing the normal life trying to make a living with whatever available. Again starting all over, from zero, looking for a job, a place, time, and maybe some friends to take away my sorrow.

2011 started with another air in Buenos Aires. Willing to come back and stay, I d´like to conclude this post saying that things are getting worked out. No longer unemployed, some more time than previous years, support, and space for my own humble-home-made studio. Still a lot needs to be made, and this is just an entire new chapter. Thankfully I can rely on some inviduals that have proved me to be worth to have around. I can count with them, and I still have my passion to keep me going. Currently finishing a stop mo video (quick just to start out and give some signs) ¨Puppet Struggles¨: Episode 8. (new struggle needs to be told) Regardless of all my losses, motivation has always remained. For this I am glad, and Thank you all for those who stick to my art in the same way. You are all an amazing audience and mean so much to me.


Dan Metalmadcat.

note: After about a year away without the possibility to animate as I wish, lets move on!


  1. Nice to hear news from you. I'm quite new in this "world" and in this community (around 16 months by now). I've read a lot of threads on forums and your name came back very often. I felt by moment that you were like a legendary guy who gived a lot for the stopmo community and disapeared all of a sudden, before i had the chance to know him.. I very happy to hear that you're back among us and i can't wait to see new stuff from you.

    Welcome back dear Metalmadcat !

  2. Wow Dan, I had no idea you were going through so much!! It''s good to hear from you again!

    You could call this blog post "Animator Struggles"...

  3. (^ Darkstrider, you too disappeared for long spurts. me? just busy on other side projects. and now, animateclay is on hiatus while getting relocated. so it goes. onwards. still mixing thINKgs up in multiple communities, just less stop motion specified on my part.

  4. Bah, that which must be done will be done, eventually, hopefully, hoping so.

    Be well there.


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