A NEED for a deadline

As I keep polishing PUPPET STRUGGLES 8 I was thinking it has to HAVE a deadline before I keep working on it. Unlike previous "struggles" I am trying not to commit that mistake of having all done no matter what, just to get it done. I definitely do not want to regret to all things that could have been made and blablabla. I am doing my best effort to stop blaming the past, since I know most of what used to make me regret was simply the fact of not being able to do anything otherwise. Second life (lets call previous years second life from now on) back THEN was quite uncertain You know, relying on so many factors, that rely on others that take you to other, and this other one could just let you go ahead on whichever thing...

Well, now is all different.

The studio (my room) is there for me, and no one will touch it, no one will move it, and the time to work on details is certainly available. Maybe with less supplies but with access to get it (with savings every month)

Now, the question is: when could be a good time to set up a deadline? Normally would say> lets have it done to the end of this month. On the other hand I may need a bit more than a month to cover up the actual IDEA I have in mind. This is a serious struggle, think that its been years since our fellow armature has gone wandering aimlessly without much purpose.

Before I forget: Let me remind you all how delightful comments from previous POST when I found some familiar FACES (ha!) and one just not so familiar but hey dude, you ROCK! Welcome to the universe of stopmo. Glad to have you around, seriously.

Dan Metalmadcat.


  1. what ever timeline it takes man.....Just dont forget to have FUN!


  2. (^ for me it's always been less about deadlines and more about lifelines.
    (^ tethers. back up strings. counting on others. WITH them even, oddly.
    (^ a death march to the finishing is easier to stomach with company.


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