2010 Update

It has been a while since 2009.

This year I will release my first short film.
I will upload the progress shortly.

I will come back with some more character concept as soon as I get the time to scan everything to my computer.

Until then, hope everyone is doing alright. The year is young, possibilities are endless..


  1. (^ April fools!

    madcat's been leaking snippits all over the place.


    End of messages received while you were offline at 5:04 AM on Thursday
    Dan Metalmadcat is online.
    so I LOST
    NO TIME TO LOSE? ahrg.......
    indeed there was time to lose...
    im sorry dear master
    i will show you better results this month, and by the way i just didnt have much time to mention your puppet, but yes SPINNER IS THERE

    Sent at 9:43 AM on Thursday
    I noticed. great mix down of live /srop motion.. sound..etc..
    and here is the inside joke:
    is incapable of getting lost.
    it just gets
    used up
    therefore, no time to lose REALLY means..
    one of the few things you have to look for that is never really lost, is..
    tiMA always knows exactly where he she it is.
    tIMe refuses to get trapped in a time piece.
    Time runs away from us all..
    (^ look at the time!
    I better get a move on. it's..ticking.


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