Aftermath of 2-weeks going here and tHERe...

Hi. It´s me again.

Well, as far as animating goes, I couldn´t do much the past weekend. And as I described in a previous post I was quite excited re-exploring the journey it takes building up a ball and socket structure. It did however came to an end and will remain ´stand-by´for some time. I do want to continue on making animation and I am glad for my return, and will possibly continue with clay and wire armatures.

September is almost over, thankfully. Crazy month. Crazy transitions. Crazy changes. Weather, people coming and going. ..and I went sick for the most part.  I am ok now. Oh and by the way, if you happen to be among my contacts from my FB account, and suddenly you don´t ¨see¨me there. Nothing personal. I simply decided focusing my online-appearance here rather than anywhere else. So far no regrets. Which means, I will continue ongoing writings of my animation learning curve from here. Just so you all know. For the records.

Thanks for reading.

_) MMC


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